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Live Distributed Objects

Linux Distribution


This document describes how to install the liveobjects-linux distribution on your system, as well as any other pertinent information for trying to experiment with this release of liveobjects. You should know that Linux support of liveobjects is 100% experimental, and only a fraction of the features in the full liveobjects distribution are available for use here. This stems from a variety of reasons, the biggest being the lack of .NET library availability on Linux, the next biggest being that the Mono project is a community run project (through supported financially by Novell) and as such is always finding and fixing bugs. Liveobjects tends to use whatever cutting edge language and library features are offered by .NET, so we find ourselves hitting bugs with the newer and cooler features of .NET, but all of the core functionality of Liveobjects is already functional in this release. We plan for upcoming releases to include a port of the Quick Silver Messenger Service.

Install Liveobjects-Linux


You need a version of mono that has various experimental libraries such as System.ServiceModel and System.Runtime.Serialization, and in general these are not included by default by most mainstream Linux distributions (Ubuntu/Debian in particular). Check with your chosen distribution's packages website to learn whether these .dll's are available from any package. In Ubuntu they are not, so we describe the basic instructions for building yourself a mono install that does use these experimental libraries. In order to build mono, first you'll need a build environment, specifically these packages:
  • subversion
  • mono-devel
  • autoconf
  • libtool
  • automake
  • bison
  • gettext
  • gcc/g++ and associated dependencies (in Ubuntu these can be installed with the build-essential package)

To install these packages in Ubuntu:
apt-get install subversion mono-devel autoconf libtool automake bison gettext build-essential

Compiling from SVN

For the latest instructions on how to compile mono from subversion, check

The abridged instructions are:
$ svn co
$ svn co
$ svn co
$ svn co svn:// 
$ cd mono
$ ./ --prefix=/usr/local
$ make
$ make install

Mono compilation has a lot of neat features, but the defaults should set you up just fine. If you are curious, you should read and
IMPORTANT NOTE : You must build the olive package as well, which is not defaultly recommended by the linked guide, so make sure to check out the olive package BEFORE building Mono!

Install liveobjects

The install-sh script include in this distribution copies all relevant files to your system, and attempts to associate the .liveobject file extension with the liveobjects runtime. You should note you do not need to install liveobjects, you can start running it from the directory created by the tarball. To use the installer:
./install-sh --target=/path/to/install/dir 

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