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Inputting your MSN Virtual Earth Credentials

The following video will walk you through the steps needed to input your credentials into the Virtual Earth LiveObjects used in the demo. It assumes that you have already obtained your credentials from Microsoft. If not, click here to sign up. The steps followed in the video are written below for reference.

C:/liveobjects/examples2 contains 3 files that need credentials to use them: map_aerial.liveobject, map_road.liveobject, and map_traffic.liveobject. This is because they use Microsoft's Virtual Earth service, which requires that all users have valid credentials. We have our own account for development, but for now all users need separate accounts. Once you have an account, follow these steps to setup the Liveobjects:
  1. Open c:/liveobjects/examples and c:/liveobjects/examples2. These folders contain the necessary Liveobjects.
  2. From examples, double click on object_designer.liveobject to open the object designer.
  3. Drag 1 of the 3 objects (map_aerial, map_road, or map_traffic) into the center panel of the object designer. The designer should now show a rectangle in the center panel, as well as some text in the left panel. If you double click on the rectangle in the center panel, VE Aerial Map, you should see another rectangle, Tiled Map Manager. Each of these rectangles defines a different Liveobject. The lines connecting them indicate communication through interfaces. Finally, double click on Tiled Map Manager and two new rectangles should appear.
  4. Click on the leftmost object, MSN Virtual Earth.
  5. You should see a tree of objects/properties in the left panel. One item should be highlighted in yellow. This is the currently selected object-- in our case , the MSN Virtual Earth object. It is responsible for communication with Microsoft's servers and is also the object that requires credentials.
  6. Expand the highlited entry, Predefined Object "MSN Virtual Earth".
  7. Right-click on Parameter "MSN VEarth Username" and click Change Value.
  8. In the box that appears, enter your MSN username and hit Enter.
  9. Now right-click on Parameter "MSN VEarth Password" and click Change Value.
  10. In the box that appears, enter your MSN password and hit Enter.
  11. You're done. All that is necessary now is to save the file. This is done in a slightly unique way. You must click on the root of the tree, Predefined Object "VE Aerial Maps" and drag it to a folder of your choice. The video above uses the desktop for convenience. You may then rename the file to something more convenient. NOTE: Be sure to leave the .liveobject extension or your Operating System may not recognize the file.

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